zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

Graf ZEPPELIN 1934 TIMETABLE LZ no.2 to South America .... including the Original Clara Adams Autograph

"She was obviously aware of the historical significance of what she was doing," said Friedman, "because she had the foresight to autograph anything she could get her hands on -- luggage tags, tickets, fragments of Zeppelin skin, post cards. On one particular flight, she posted more than six pounds of mail."

quote from: aviation historian Tom Friedman

Foto 1 - Clara Adams

Foto 2 - Clara Adams

Beschrijving Ebay:
"Graf ZEPPELIN 1934 TIMETABLE LZ no.2 to South America .... including the Original Clara Adams Autograph. See scan ..right below the sea plane..
This special item has the Autograph of noted female AIRSHIP traveler, Clara Adams. She sent the item to a friend specializing in Aviation History.

.....The front of the page encourages use of German Air Mail Service to South America. The back has the flight schedule of stops at various cities. also fares, freight fares etc.
Shows departure at Friedrichshafen then stops at Rio, Pernambuco and arriving back in Germany with 3 stops on the return.... taking about 16 days.

Size is 4 1/8 x 5 7/8 inches. Very fine condition with minor hinge remnant at center top back.
Historical note, following the Hindenburg disaster, she is reported to have placed an order for a ticket on the next Zeppelin Flight.

In 1939 it is reported she had set a world record of flying 25,000+ miles around the world in 16 days on commercial aircraft ..."


vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

Zeppelin Luggage Tag Germany c. 1936 / Origineel bagagelabel/sticker van de Hindenburg

"This absolutely authentic Zeppelin luggage tag dates from before the Second World War. It is in excellent condition, and although there is evidence of having been affixed to some surface, there is not thinning or tearing to the piece. Measurements: 6 1/2 x 9 cm. As always, fresh from a Washington, DC estate."


Alle bagage welke aan boord van de Hindenburg gebracht werd, was voorzien van een bagagelabel en een sticker waarop de eerste letter van de achternaam van de passagier was bevestigd. Zo kon de bagage door het personeel op alfabetische volgorde gerangschikt worden.


vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

9 augustus 2008 > Vandaag is het 46 jaar geleden dat Hermann Hesse overleed.

Deze week kwam ik in het bezit van een handgeschreven enveloppe uit 1952 van mijn geliefde schrijver Hermann Hesse. De enveloppe is beschreven in Montagnola, de woonplaats van Hesse.
Hesse voerde tijdens zijn leven een uitgebreide correspondentie; zo'n 35000 brieven/kaarten zijn er door hem geschreven.
Hermann Hesse overleed op 9 augustus 1962.


Vakantie Vlieland 2008.